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Cattails and Moon


My sinuses were irritated. I experienced itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose and accumulation of phlegm in the throat—so much so as to cause me to gag. I was constantly coughing to relieve the congestion but it was an unproductive cough.

All symptoms have subsided. I no longer have a stuffy nose and my nasal passages are clearer. There is no phlegm and no coughing. I am sleeping better at night and the hot flashes are not as frequent or severe.

Jean S.



I came to see Irit because I was suffering from allergies. I tried over the counter tablets of all kinds and only had a little relief some of the time. I tried prescription medication, but that too gave little relief. I even tried allergy shots, which twice put me into shock. Irit checked me over and after 3-4 sessions. I was at 90% allergy free. At most, times now, I am 100% allergy free and when I am going down hill, I go back for a recheck with Irit and am soon 100% again. It was amazing to find our how great it feels to feel great again.

Thank you Irit

Gayle D.





It is with warmest regards and a profound sense of gratitude that my thoughts turn to Irit and Douglas Potter. Their work has the power to inspire and lift us along this long and sometimes difficult road of life. Where I feel the scientific community becomes lost. Irit and Doug continue to bring drug-free relief through their sensitive almost intuitive approach and timeless technique of the East.

Understanding the body as a manifestation of energy and the delicate mind and body connection, they provide a refuge of healing and a breath of hope (along the path) essential to a vibrant healthy life.

Bob L.



Chronic Cough


I have had a chronic cough for over 20 years. I had consulted pulmonary specialist, allergists and other physicians. I received all manner of drugs-all without result.

My cough is considerably improved (especially when I keep to my dietary regimens). I would say my cough is 80% better (and that is a lot).

I heartily recommend Irit.

Roger L.



Chronic Fatigue


I had headaches almost every day. I had a weak and lazy thyroid and was tired after waking up every morning. I was feeling weak.

I feel great. I am full of energy; I am losing weight and feel very refreshed. I have no more headaches. I do not need my thyroid medication anymore, and after many years, I feel wonderful. It has only been two weeks.

Ghayane Z.



When I came to see Douglas, I was tired, weak, and unable to work, and always felt sick. Douglas identified what was wrong with me, which no other doctor or practitioner had ever done before. After a few months of weekly examination and custom herbal formulas and /or custom nutrition formulas my problems were gone. I am now back at work and feel great.

Rick N.





Was coughing a lot and my throat was sore. I suffered from bad acid reflux and was on medication that was beginning to affect my esophagus.

My cough is a lot better, my acid reflux is almost gone, and I no longer need my medication. I do my best to stay on the program, which improve my health even more.

John P.



Before I came to see Dr. Potter, I suffered from digestive problems. The discomfort was chronic and painful. I knew I had thyroid problems and that was the main reason I came. During my treatment, Dr. Potter found out that my liver and other organs were not functioning well. Because of all these problems, I felt emotionally weak and stressed out.

I have experienced an evident improvement for the first time in a decade. My digestive problems have been resolved, especially if I eat the right foods. The acupuncture sessions and the herbal remedies worked great for me. Emotionally, I feel more in control. The improvement has been evident in all aspects of my health.

Dr. Potter is not only our family doctor, she is our friend because she truly cares about our health and us. She treats us with respect and care. No other doctor has treated us like that. She is a wonderful professional and an amazing human being.

Florencia U. M.



I had a bloated stomach and suffered from constipation. Since I saw Dr. Potter, I feel much, much better.

With the food recommendations and the herbal remedy there is no more bloating. I now have more energy and overall good health.

Chanh L.



Multiple Ailments and Injury


I initially had sought treatment with Irit Potter for my knee pain. I had found myself in the emergency room at 3:30 in the morning with unbearable pain that wasn't responding to pain medications. Within weeks, the pain was in my other knee as well. The doctors didn't have much of an explanation for my pain and their only treatment, at the time, was pain medication. A colleague referred me to Irit for acupuncture. At that point, I was open to anything that would enable me to live without pain and medications. Irit performed acupuncture on me and gave me herbal supplements to assist in the healing process. Within weeks, my pain had noticeably decreased and only particular activities exacerbated the pain. I continued attending weekly sessions and, in less than two months, I was virtually pain free. With the exception of an occasional minor ache, my knees have continued to be free of pain for over five months.

Although my knee pain was the reason I was seeking treatment from Irit, my health has improved in various other ways. The most noticeable has been my menstrual cycle. Since I was a teenager, my menstrual cycles have been extremely irregular. I could go several months without a menstrual cycle and, when I did have one, it included pain, bloating and clotting. I have had various tests run over the years, some of them invasive. But the only "treatment" the doctors offered were birth control pills, which would regulate my hormones. I didn't want to take hormones because I didn't like the side effects, so I figured that having irregular cycles was something with which I would just have to live. Since Irit began treating me, my menstrual cycles have become regular for the first time in my life. Furthermore, I no longer experience the pain, bloating and clotting that I had in the past.

Other noticeable changes have been improvements in my skin, immune system, digestion and overall mental clarity. I find myself looking forward to my appointments with Irit and just being in her presence is calming. She has taught me to listen to my body, as it knows how to heal itself. With her help, I am not living with pain or medications. Instead, I am healthier than I thought I could be.

Cynthia L



When I started with Irit, my major concerns were obesity, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and hypothyroidism. I knew that the RX medications that I was taking for the HBP were hindering my metabolism and making it hard for me to lose weight. My thyroid was slow but I did not do well on the RX. I was trying many natural approaches but just could not get any significant results. One natural health practitioner had me on the very supplements for thyroid support that I later was given by Irit, but I saw no significant improvement or weight loss even though I was also on a sugar control eating plan. I could not figure out the reason.

I knew about muscle testing and felt that it may be part of what I needed. One practitioner had used acupuncture for my gall bladder with good success so I felt that it was something to consider. I was certain that supplements should be a part of the program. I knew I needed a food plan that I could live with for life. I was looking for diagnostic ability, nutritional guidance, and supplement expertise.

I was to the point of needing a wheel chair due to the pain in my knees and hips and ankles. My weight and the pain caused by it were literally unbearable at times. I was living on Motrin and knew it was destroying my stomach and liver but just could not get through the day any other way. At this point I prayed to God to help me find a way, I would do ANYTHING it took to turn around my health. A minister anointed me and we asked that I be led to a path of healing. At church I was very open to members and through the conversations came upon a member that was learning the methods I might need. His concern for me led to his inquiring for someone to help me. He suggested that I try Irit since she was highly recommended by someone he trusted.

It has been a fascinating experience. For the first time I feel I am on the path to wellness. Within 2 months I was able to discontinue the 3 RX drugs for HBP. The next month I began to lose weight. Irit suggested a food plan and keeps a check on which foods or food groups I can tolerate. So far I have lost over 60 pounds and will continue to lose until I reach a good weight. My thyroid is now functioning well. (The reason the supplements did not "work" before was because the scar from the hysterectomy was blocking the energy so my body could not heal.) I do not ache nearly as much from the osteoarthritis. I have only taken Motrin 2 times in the year since I started with Irit. My mobility is much better.

"We Care" is the motto of Irit and Douglas' center. And they really do care. I consider Irit to be a friend, my guide to health.

Marsha A. Hohertz



My ankle was swollen and hurting very bad. The pain around my ankle was intense after walking or attempting to walk (which was very difficult). I had to use crutches or a cain to get around the days after I injured my ankle. I was expecting several weeks to go by in order to feel a bit normal. I would also experience higher intensity of pain in the mornings.

After the first treatment, the swelling disappeared and I was able to get around without much pain. After my second visit, I noticed more improvement in just a couple of days. I was expecting to be out for weeks. After today, my third visit, I feel like I have recovered to about 80% of my normal capacity. I can walk with no pain when I wake up and can walk without limping. It is amazing what your own body can do with proper treatment when healing an injury.

Jaime L.




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