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Cattails and Moon
Conditions and Benefits

Do you wake up rested and refreshed, ready to meet the exciting challenges ahead?

...Or, after a fitful night of tossing and turning, do you drag yourself out of bed, wondering how you'll cope with another stressful day? We have good news for you — there is an effective, natural, safe alternative available.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge in the field of Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition and Natural Healing methods. We are known for getting results consistently, even after everyone before us failed. We can help alleviate, cure and bring about balance and better health, even prevent many common ailments without harmful side effects or toxic build-up in the body.

Diagnosis is easy. Analysis is done through testing the body's own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points, which correspond to specific organ systems. We also ask questions about your work, life style and dietary habits. Our goal is to correct the underlying causes of your health problems. Many physical ailments are related to our habits, environment — pesticides, heavy chemicals, etc. — or vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as every day stress.

We design a natural health improvement program to help you restore your health and vitality through options such as gentle acupuncture, personalized formula of healing herbs and whole food nutritional supplements. In addition, we may incorporate diet changes and positive ways to handle stress. This way you become a knowledgeable participant in your own healing.

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Conditions Most Responsive to Natural Healing/Acupuncture

· stress, tension
· anxiety, depression
· digestive & elimination problems
· pain — shoulder, back, joint; sciatica
· stomach pain, ulcers
· allergies, asthma
· addictions — smoking, etc.
· gynecological disorders & PMS
· morning sickness & pregnancy
· headaches, migraines
· colds, flu
· fatigue, sluggishness
· high blood & low blood pressure
· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
· diabetes & hypoglycemia
· fibromyalgia
· ...and many more!

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Acupuncture: Insurance coverage/FDA approved?

Acupuncture is just one of several gentle and proven treatments we offer. It is approved by the FDA and is covered by many insurance providers. It is not meant to replace Western medicine, but to work beside it, for your optimal health.

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Benefits of Natural Medicine/Acupuncture

· helps cope with stress in life
· balances and energizes the body
· de-toxifies the body
· helps the body heal itself
· builds up immune system
· improves digestion and elimination
· treats source of problem, not symptom
· clams mind
· prevents diseases
· successfully fights viruses
· successfully treats chronic disorders

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